Engagement Models

If there is one word that can describe our engagement models well, then it must be 'flexible.' We recognize that client's requirements can vary from a dedicated team of analysts working on a large on-going project or be ad hoc in nature.

We also know that some clients may want to expand their dedicated team on cyclical basis to manage spurts in work. Some clients may also want to work with them very closely to train and manage an exclusive team for themselves. This team may then be 'carved out' and transferred to the client.

Depending upon the requirement, we take up the whole project and/or augment the existing project, and offer highly flexible engagement options. Whatever may suit as a perfect engagement model to clients, we gladly work with them.

  • Need-Based Training Model In this model, TGroup carries out Training Needs Analysis and delivers training judiciously based on our findings on exact requirements of the employees.
  • Contractual Induction Batch Model The induction training programs are normally conducted for freshers. We sign a training contract with our clients only for induction training. This induction training program would be held in suitable batches of 20 or more, and the training curriculum and methodology will be based on the technology stack that the client chooses.
  • Calendar Contract Model These training programs are normally scheduled by the clients for knowledge and skill upgradation of employees based on inputs from project managers and forthcoming projects. We sign a contract with the client for an entire year though the training schedules may come to us quarterly/ half yearly/ annually.
  • Strategic, Long-Term Ramping-Up Model This is a very innovative engagement model wherein we will ramp up our trainers for our esteemed clients. Here, we ramp up our trainers based on HR & Training divisionsí inputs based on employee intake and approximate number of employees to be trained. You can specify the most required and repetitive programs for which you want us to ramp up our team so that there is no shortage of trainers when required
  • Client-Specific, IT Vertical Training Model This is our specialization, our core competency, our USP, and our torch bearer! If a client is facing any problems or issues in a specific vertical, we research and build trainers on that vertical exclusively for that client. We sign a contract with the client based on the volume. The training required may be on high-end modules of an IT vertical for which we may already be training the client or it could be an altogether new IT vertical for TGroup itself, which may not be available in our training shelf!


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