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Fresher Induction

We have trained over 10,000 engineers since our inception. Of these, 5000 were engineering graduates fresh from college and the balance were employed professionals with two to 10 years of development and designing experience. We provide specialized training in Java to J2EE, Dot Net, Analysis and Design, SAP, XML, and Web Services to fresh engineering graduates. We have a specialized team dedicated for fresher induction training, comprising people from respective industry backgrounds.

Turnkey Training

Today, the advances made in technology spawn new technological streams every second. Many of these technologies create niche categories, for which, finding trainers is a challenge, if not a nightmare. At T Group, we grab this challenge by its horns and effectively help companies find trainers, who can provide tutoring for these niche technologies.

Skill Upgradation

Where the advances in technology creates niche categories, it also makes previous knowledge about a technology obsolete, requiring practitioners of these technologies to upgrade their skills every few months and in some cases, every few days! At TGroup, we recognize the importance of staying abreast with the newest in the technology of your choice and offer skill upgradation services which enables your company to position itself as a market leader more effectively and compete strongly.


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