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T Group has an open and transparent working culture. We recognize that people are a key resource to our growth and development. We help employees maximize their potential by building on their competencies through training and self-development, thus contributing to the intellectual growth of the organization, and also building expertise and competence in the span of services we offer.

Work at T Group is a combination of hard work and tight deliverables, conducted in an atmosphere of fun, informality and openness. The organization is structured to encourage constructive feedback, a value we consider critical to great performance to be a T Grouper, the first criterion is ones passion to teach, and to learn. Along with excellent communication skills you need to have the ability to hold an audience. An analytical mind coupled with humility to accept feedback puts one on the road to an exciting and fulfilling career. Not only does one have the power to impact people's lives, we also earn their gratitude in making their world a better place.

You need a strong academic background. T-Group gives you the tools to soar to great heights - All you need is the desire to get there!

If interested in pursuing a career with T Group, forward your CV to the following email ID :



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